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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Becoming a mama has been such a sweet transformation. I'm so thankful for all of the changes this past year and some odd months. I keep learning more about being a mama & really, more about me.
Through taking care of Ruby and her needs, I've learned to think about how to care for myself as well. It brings me joy to make sure she's eating healthy and that I'm using natural and safe ingredients in the products I use on and around her. I hope to be the example of living well for her, by doing the same for myself.
I find that when I take a little time for myself, whether it's exercising, getting ready, or eating well, I feel better. And that helps me to love and serve my family well. But, here's the thing, I still don't do these things often. I mean, sometimes I make room, but it's not a priority, and that's what I'm hoping to change.
I'm reminding myself1 that becoming a mama may have happened in an instant, but it took months for me to truly feel like a mother. The transformation for me took time, slowly becoming a new normal.
I'll admit, I've been putting off the topic of self-care. I'm not good at it, and I don't love sharing progress. As an artist, I would never share in in-between, or really the after. I don't have all of the answers, I'm implementing some inspiration from my sister-in-law2and I hope to share a little of my journey with you.
Daydreaming and visualizing is the easy part for me, it's the doing that's difficult.
In watching Ruby grow this year, it's obvious that the littlest, everyday changes that you sometimes may not see, add up.
Since, sometimes it's hard for me to think practically,

here are some of the littlest, easiest changes that I plan on doing tomorrow:

I picked 5, for now,

1 Go to the Y (just go, and do something even if it's not much and maybe just to sit while Ruby is in childcare)
2 Get dressed for the day in the morning & add in some makeup
3 Make a meal at home (healthyish will do)
4 Spend time with the people (you know, the ones that make you smile)
5 Wash face, moisturize & go to bed on time

I tried to make this list as simple and easy as possible, only stretching some areas and including ones I do most days, but would love to do everyday. But, these help me with some of my long term goals of self-care.

Here are some ways I would love to improve in the next several months:

1 Exercise at least 3 times a week
2 Create a wardrobe that fits and that I love, use up old makeup, & add in smarter, safe choices3
3 Eat healthy meals at home most nights
4 Spend quality time with my family and friends
5 Create a skincare routine & switch out used products with better, non-toxic options3

What are your thoughts on self-care? How are you currently caring for your wellbeing? I'm all ears. 
1 Post I wrote when Ruby was 9 month old on claiming my identity as a mama: HERE
2 Lindsey, my sweet sister-in-law and her excellent series of posts on skincare and makeup: HERE, HERE, & HERE
3 I recently became a Beautycounter consultant for the reason of bettering my own skincare & makeup routine: HERE 
I'll be sharing what's currently in my makeup bag on the blog in the next couple days! 

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