how to enjoy a rainy day at home

Thursday, September 08, 2016

It has been a lovely rainy day over here and it reminded me of these photos I snapped of Ruby after church one rainy afternoon. I've always enjoyed rainy days, you know, the ones where you don't have anywhere to be and can stay at home.
While we still spend most of our days at home, rainy days feel different. I love being outside, but these hot and mosquito summers in the Lou keep me indoors. But, it's ok to hang out inside when it's rainy out and it makes me appreciate our home so much more. 
Jordan is home today, so everything is feeling extra wonderful. And today I realize that we often do the same things on most rainy days. Not too much different, but just little changes to make our day a little more fun.
Do you do anything different to enjoy a rainy day at home? Here are some things we often do: 

1. Take things slow 
moving at a slower pace and rainy days just seem to go together
so, use this as an excuse to rest, set your mind at ease, and 
take your time finishing daily tasks

2. Bursts of Energy
contradicting no. 1, i find that when we feel stuck inside, 
we like to move when we start to feel that things are going a little too slow
this is when ruby & i will take a few laps around the house, 
play an active game, or do some yoga

3. Take time to cook
i always feel like i have all this magical time on rainy days, 
so i like to take advantage of it, and cook a delicious lunch
jordan's taking charge of this one today and making enchiladas

4. Read
probably the no. 1 rainy day activity and i can't knock it
like no. 3, time seems to be limitless on rainy days, 
so, curling up during naptime to read a good book 

5. Limit Media
There's a reason time seems to move slowly on rainy days, 
with the change of weather and tuning in a little to our surroundings, 
we often won't reach for out phone, or turn on the tv, 
now, i'm not against a good movie on a rainy day, 
but I find my rainy days are best enjoyed 
without the fast-paced variety, like apps, netflix, and such 

There's something so romantic and refreshing about a rainy day. I often find myself feeling more grounded and aware of how I am spending my time during the day.
I know there are times where I may not feel this way, and may actually feel frustrated our tired by the dreary weather, so I hope some of these ideas help you to enjoy your rainy day. 
I'm hoping to look back to these on the days where rainy days don't feel as romanticized as they do today. 
What do you think about this list? Are these things you already do to enjoy a rainy day? I felt like they were all pretty normal for us, but maybe your days look a little different, and I'd love to hear! Are there any that you would add to this list?

Photos originally taken on 03 July 2016

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