cubs v cardinals baseball game

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We made the most of our Monday evening and headed to the Lou to see the Cubs play the Cardinals. Now that we've lived all over the midwest, I'd say we'd root for pretty much any midwest team. I'm still pretty loyal to the Cincinnati Reds and Jordan's a fan of the Cleveland Indians. 
This game we rooted for the Cubbies, since a family member works for the Cubs and got us the tickets (thanks Jeff and Tom!) and it was pretty easy since they're so lovable, and were winning. 
Ruby loves sitting on anything that fits her height. While the chair was a little too big, the stool was just her size. :)
Jordan always get the most ridiculous food option, and Ruby's obviously upset about it.
And she's upset she didn't get a baseball, but she did catch an XL t-shirt, so there's that.
I totally had my sandals first, like three years before she was even born.
looking so big, yet so tiny at the same time

What baseball team do you cheer for?

a photo of ruby at a cardinals v reds game last year, what a difference a year makes!
outfit details: I snagged these jeans for half off the other weekend, still loving this jacket and these sandals Ruby has the same kind, I just got the big kid size :)

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