pool, lake, repeat

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

We spent all of last week hanging out on a lake in the mountains. Jordan's family has a cottage in South Carolina that we try to visit once or twice a year. I often don't take too many photos while we are there, because it's so familiar, and we're always busy soaking in time with family, and getting out my camera around water just isn't too safe. But, I did try to grab some photos with my big camera this time around. 
So, here is what you would find us doing every day. We went back and forth between spending time at the pool and at the lake. Ruby did so great while we were there. This is her third time here, so I guess she should know how things go.
It's hard to tell in these photos, but she did not love the swan float. It sat a little too high out of the water for her liking. She liked it at times, but for the most part wanted to be in the water. 
If we weren't at the pool, we were on the lake. Ruby did a great job on the boat while we were there, we were very thankful. She loved playing with the buckles on the lifejackets and saying hi and waving to everyone on the boat.
Oh, and the water bottles. You could give this girl a bottle of water and should would have fun for hours. 
I think she loves the water and all of our little adventures.

 p.s. if you didn't see yesterday's post, make sure to check it out & enter the giveaway, which ends Friday.
also, I found her swan float HERE

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