5 year anniversary gift & a giveaway

Monday, August 01, 2016

Saturday was our five year anniversary. While we have celebrated all of our anniversaries in little ways, this one felt a little different. It's somewhat of a milestone, five years. For some it may not seem long, but for us it has. We've lived a lot of life in these past years. And for that we celebrated. 

If you know me, you know I love gifts. Because Jordan doesn't love gifts as much as I do, and I've been taking the easy road lately, getting him whatever is on his Amazon wishlist. While he definitely approves, and it's very easy, it sometimes lacks the sentimentality that I long for when gift-giving. I love the challenge of finding the perfect gift that meets a need, yet offers something interesting.

I've never gone for the traditional anniversary gift, but as this anniversary felt a little more special, it seemed appropriate and nostalgic. The traditional five year anniversary gift is wood. I wanted to get something that would suit Jordan's mix of practicality and uniqueness, but also would be around for a while, remembered, and hopefully passed down. So, what fits all this and is deserving of my favorite person?

I gifted my dear husband a watch made out of wood. Specifically, this watch

It's practical, classic, but yet still unique enough to suit him. 

(there's more information at the end of this post for a giveaway)
The watch, his anniversary gift, came ready to be gifted in a beautiful wood box. It also worked out well that Jordan's name also ties in with the company's branding. Since the watch came with it's own unique packaging, I gave it to Jordan as is, and he loved it. I guess I could have thrown some ribbon around it, but it definitely didn't need it, and you know I am all about wrapping gifts
My handsome husband. I still can't believe that he's the one. The one I get to be with and spend my days with. 
Jordan loves his new watch. It's hard finding unique gifts that are also useful, practical, and sentimental. I think I found the right combination. As a outdoors guy, he loves that the watch is made of wood and that you can see the wood grain in the watch. It isn't over-the-top, but is simple and classic.
It's a gift that will last and be remembered. I know that when he wears this watch in the future, I will remember this day. Our celebration of five years and the years to come.
Jordan planned a fun evening for us in Greenville, South Carolina. It was about an hour drive there from where we were vacationing, so we had a great time talking about the past five years. And how our wedding seems so long ago. We tried to remember everything we could from that time and our honeymoon. I love preserving memories and stories with him. 
I also think Jordan felt so cool driving with his nice, new watch. (even if he was borrowing his mom's car haha) 
Jordan planned the entire evening so well. Before dinner we stopped in Anthropologie, where I did a little shopping. Jordan told me (jokingly) that I had twenty dollars to spend, and he was thinking that I could just get a plate. I actually ended up not finding anything other than a cute plate on sale that was under 20 dollars. We walked around downtown Greenville and headed to our dinner spot at Soby's.
Jordan had called ahead and told them it was our anniversary. They were so kind and made us special menus and gifted us a couple glasses of champagne. Jordan also picked us out a table overlooking the kitchen, which was really fun. The food was delicious and our only regret was not getting the fried green tomatoes for our entree as well as the appetizer. 
As the sun set, we walked around the riverfront park, which is so well done. If you're nearby Greenville, you must visit. 
I love you, Jordan and am so happy to be married to you. Here's to five years! 

The lovely people at Jord Wood Watches are so kind and offering a
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Thank you, Jord Wood Watches for partnering with us! 
If you're interested in the exact watch I gifted Jordan, the link is HERE.

Ladies Wooden Watches

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