usa women's gymnastics

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back in June we went to the P&G Championships to see some incredible gymnastics. A friend of mine works for USA Gymnastics and kindly gifted us tickets, thank you, jackie! It  was a busy week for Jordan, but we made it to their last event and it was worth it!
All of these women are so talented, and that Simone Biles, is incredible. Most of the photos are of her, because  she really was talented, and it was obvious.   
This was also the first day Ruby started to really walk, so there are some fun photos of her showing off her new skill. These photos were so fun to look back on.
chocolate face watching gymnastics and even though it looks like she's staying still... she only wanted to get up and move around! big walker and everything. 
These two, Pri and Dillon joined us. They're some of the best of friends and we're so thankful to have them here in St. Louis. 
Dillon is Ruby's favorite person, not even kidding.
And below, you can see Pri watching out for Ruby, it takes a village, and I am so glad this family is in ours. 
free and happy!
Ruby had been working on walking forever, and we realized why it took her so long to finally get going, she prefers to run and go fast. we're not really surprised here. 
this happened a lot the first few days, and still does. 
Ruby doesn't know a stranger and actually insists on hugging every little kid she sees. I promise this girl was excited about it, but maybe a little frightened. haha. here mom was just out of scene totally encouraging this, because it was adorable. 

Have you been watching the Olympics? Do you love watching gymnastics as well?

Photos originally taken on 26 June 2016 in St. Louis

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