fourth of july celebration

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July! We decided last minute to have a little get-together for our friends to celebrate the holiday. It was actually Jordan's idea to grill up some hamburgers and eat together before checking out the local fireworks. I love inviting people into our home, so i was all for it! I had to fight hard the urge to decorate every square inch of our house for fourth of July though. 
And of course we sang happy birthday to America. I also made this cake last minute, and our friend's kiddo, Claire did the icing and decorating! Everyone thought I was pretty crazy for using sparklers. The happy birthday flag did go up in flames, but no one was harmed. 
Here's my decor that I threw together for the party. These are the hydrangeas blooming in front of our house right now. The blue and red tones were perfect, so I picked some and put them in a vase. and I switched out the chalkboard to suit the occasion. 
I am so glad that I managed to grab some photos during the party! I often forget to take any photos!
& below we got out the sparklers and poppers and had a good time in the front yard! 
Ruby hanging with Pri and loving the sparklers, and the guys spelling out her name with them. Thankful that our friends love this girl just as much as we do. :)
Ruby, I can't believe how much life has changed with you since your last fourth of july! you're definitely way more fun! 

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