paris adventures | journal day 05

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Journal Day 05 
5 October 2016
Paris, France 
(not edited) 

Today was our last full day to explore the city of Paris. Our goal today was not to see everything we could but to enjoy Paris fully. And to eat good food. 
We set out in the late morning for breakfast. Learning from past mistakes, we researched the best place in out neighborhood. We settled on a place called Kozy which was on our way to the Eiffel Tower. We must be getting better at finding quality restaurants, because this one was delicious. We didn't try too much, I got a latte and we split a slice of quiche and a chocolate chip cookie. Everything was so good, I can still vividly remember everything about this moment. We almost went back a couple of times. Also yummy espresso to boot. 
We had scheduled to climb up the eiffel tower at 1130 so we headed there next. We can see it outside our window and had already had a picnic by it, so we were excited to be able to get inside and to see the view of Paris from the tower. 
We spent about an hour picking out different sights we had already visited. We even were able to point out our apartment. We only went up to the second landing, which was maybe 2/3 of the way up. We still felt very high up. We took the stairs down to the first floor, which Ruby loved. 
We stopped by the playground next to the eiffel tower for a little while to let Ruby play. There were quite a few other kiddos there, one even poured sand on Ruby a couple times. haha 
Our apartment is close to the eiffel tower so we walked back and let Ruby take nap there. This was the first time that she took a nap at the apartment, besides the first day that we were there. We've been so impressed with her ability to nap on the go. While she napped Jordan and I planned out the rest of our day, picking out some restaurants and such. 
Ruby was napping extra long, and we were getting a little antsy to get going, but instead of waking her up, Jordan grabbed pizza for lunch. We had walked by the pizza place down the street many times, so it was nice to still enjoy some delicious pizza and some Orangina, even if we were stuck in out airbnb. The nice thing about our place is that we could open up the big windows and see the eiffel tower and still very much feel like we're in Paris. This turned out to be one of my favorite meals we shared together. 
Once Ruby woke up from her nap we took the metro to Montmarte. On the way there we realized we didn't pack diapers for Ruby. So once we got there we had quite the experience trying to find some diapers. 12 euros later we found some pampers at a local pharmacie. I was definitely disappointed that they didn't have some cool European brand. 
We stopped by a playground for Ruby to play located next to the wall of love tiled mural.
We continued on toward the Sacre Coeur, we toured the inside and then decided to walk the 300 some steps up to the top. It was so incredibly beautiful to see all of Paris from that view. We ended up staying at the top for over an hour and a half and watched the sunset. Ruby loved running around the top and talking with the other visitors. One even gave her a bit of her ricecake, which Ruby now has a newfound love for. 
Afterwards we walked around Montmarte while Ruby slept. It was dark at this point, so we made our walk pretty quick. 
The Renoir painting of Montmarte that I wanted to see wasn't at the Orsay when we visited. So, thankfully I was able to stop by the place where he did the painting which was so fun to do. Many of the artists that I admire once lived and created in this area of Paris, so I mostly just imagined walking around the streets just as we were. 
Instead of eating dinner there we decided to head back to near our place and we had dinner Le Bosquet which I read had a yummy vegetarian ravioli gratin. Which was by far my favorite meal of the trip, it also came with a delicious simple salad. 
Today was just as we wanted, enjoyable and yummy. 

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