paris adventures | journal day 04

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Journal Day 4
4 October 2016
(not edited)

Tired from the previous day in Normandy, we slept in and took it easy in the morning.  Taking notes from our last day in Paris, before heading out we mapped out all our spots and some good eateries.
We hopped on the metro and went straight to Notre Dame, we made it there by early afternoon. We walked around the entire cathedral first and stopping by the little garden in the back, letting Ruby run around. We also stopped at the playground that was right inbetween the Seine and the cathedral, Ruby obviously didn’t realize the significance of the location.
Then we toured the inside of the Notre Dame. This was the first cathedral in Europe that I visited and it was crazy to see it in person after studying so many cathedrals in school. I was happy to throw out my knowledge of flying buttresses.
We stopped by to see Saint Chappelle, but chose not to wait in the line to get inside, maybe someday.
We grabbed some Berthillon ice cream. The chocolate was incredible.
Then we walked over to Le Marais and followed Rick Steves walk for the area. I did some shopping as well, stopping into Zara and Mango.
We planned to grab falafel while in the area and were disappointed that the place we picked out was not open. Thankfully there was one open across the street. At this point we were definitely hungry and we weren’t communicating well. I wanted to sit down and Jordan just wanted food as fast as possible. I may have had a little breakdown at this point. Granted, I wasn’t feeling the best, was frustrated that the place we had researched was closed, and I hadn’t had a glass of water yet. I’ve learned that when walking around the streets of Paris, it’s really important to take time to slow down and stop for a bit.
So, after that we grabbed some water and some macaroons from a place down the street and took a little break. Ruby woke up and most of my raspberry macaroon, she’s a smart girl.
Conveniently located across the street were more treats, we grabbed some gelato in the shape of a rose from Amorino and all was right.
We soaked up some sun and sat  on the grass in front of the fountains while ruby ran around in the grass at Place des Voges. Ruby also enjoyed the playgrounds that were there. This was probably one of our favorite gardens and playgrounds, it was very small and not too touristy.
Afterward we toured Victor Hugo’s house which was located on the square. It was so interesting to see inside one of the buildings.
The sun was close to setting so we took the metro all the way over to the Arc de Triomphe. We had driven by it yesterday, yet it was much more massive standing underneath it than we imagined.
We ended our evening by walking along champs elysees  and mostly window shopping. We did pop into a couple stores including the beautiful Laudree.
We ended our night with another disappointing restaurant. The food was decent, but we knew better. Ruby was asleep and we didn’t want to wake her to get on the metro to head to place closer to our home.

So, after dinner we headed back to our apartment, at this point it was pretty late. 

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